Our Worship Centre

Brampton Towers Party Room,

85, Charolais Blvd,
Brampton, Toronto. L6Y 4E5.
Tel: 1-403-771-1264.

Service Days:

Sundays: 10am - 12noon
Fridays: 7pm - 9pm.

Come, let's seek God togeher.

Sermons and Messages

We have sought God earnestly to ignite conviction, repentance, revival and restoration in your heart as you listen to or read these messages. You would never be the same. Learn more »

Seminars and Conferences

Does the Bible teach about a worldwide revival prior to the return of Jesus Christ? Lives are changed, Ministries revived as believers are awakened to the consciousness of the return of Jesus Christ. Join us as we fellowship together and seek God for a worldwide revival. Learn more »

Youths Arise

Has God stopped using youths to accomplish great things? Not likely. When Youths Arise for Christ, the nations would be on fire for Jesus. Connect with this movement today. Learn more »


Do you believe in Divine healing? The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ guarantees our healing. You can be healed today. Learn more »

Prophetic Corner

Do you believe in the prophetic? Almost everything about the Christian Faith is prophetic. Today, God can speak to your life prophetically. Learn more »


Welcome to Meizon Ministries website.

We live in an age where the love of many have waxed cold; where the revelation knowledge of the Word of God is scarce despite the multiplicity of preachers and teachers. It is our prayer therefore, that you would find on our web pages materials which would enrich your spirit; rekindle the fire of the Holy Spirit in your heart; cause a revival in your faith, zeal, and passion for God; illuminate your understanding regarding the End Time, and equip you with resources you could use in your preparation for the return of Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom of God

Come, let's seek God together in prayer.

The Kingdom of God

Join us at the Illumination Hour as we explore the Word of God together.